Youth Beacon is dedicated to inspiring the inner scientist in today’s youth. By exposing students to STEAM we prepare them for the age of innovation. The world is like a colossal village, and it is our goal to bring every child in this village together, regardless of their background or access to resources. 

Our Programs

*** All programs are 4 weeks long unless stated otherwise

1. Scratchers

Grades: 3 – 8

  • Your child will embark on a journey through live sessions with us that will teach them logic building, the fundamentals of Scratch programming, and various concepts targeted towards their grade level.
  • Concepts can be anything from animation and creating games to mathematical concepts like fractions and percentages.
  • Student will conclude the classes by applying their knowledge in a 50 minute Scratchathon, where they will compete against their classmates to program the best game!

2. App Inventors (Beginner + Advanced)

For Students Completing Grades 4+

  • Designed for students completing grades 4 and above, or who have had previous programming experience (either outside of Yobea or completion of Intermediate classes).
  • Students will learn how to use MIT App Inventor to code their own mobile apps!
  • Apps will include fun games as well as apps to simplify and elevate everyday life.
  • Conclude classes with the knowledge and ability to create mobile applications of their own

3. Masterminds

For Students Completing Grades 5+

  • Masterminds is a class designed to put students’ coding mindsets and knowledge to the test while giving them a physical application for their knowledge (though encouraged, no previous classes/programming knowledge is required).
  • This class will cover programming real circuit boards (the BBC Microbit), breadboarding, the basics of circuits, and CAD (3D printing and designing).
  • The session will conclude with a competition to see which student can best design a 3D print and integrate their circuit board to form a useful/cool product.

4. Ambassadors

Invitation ONLY program for students with past experience with Yobea

  • The ambassador’s program is designed for students looking to be a part of Team Yobea.
  • Through individualized mentoring from our program heads, students will learn the skills required to eventually start a Yobea chapter at their school!
  • Students will work on curriculum development and/or in-class interaction and teaching based on preference and ability to commit time.

5. Scratchathons

Hackathon-style competitions designed to invigorate and stimulate students’ minds

  • Trimesterly
  • Students may register with or allow Yobea to create their teams
  • All ages and experience levels welcome
  • Students will code a Scratch project within 50 minutes centered around a scientific theme (announced and taught at the beginning of the session)

What Parents and Students Are Saying About Us:

My son received Insight about scratch coding, he believes he has learned more than what they are been taught in the school coding sessions and is ahead of his classmates

― Shreeja M. (India)

Yobea helped me code and now I am so good at it in only in 8 sessions.They showed me blocks I never knew were there like the broadcasting block. The teachers are really nice and they explain really well to make sure we get it.

― Elesh S. (USA)

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My child was not keen to participate in any Scratch-related project until we decided to try Yobea. My child enjoyed the projects assignments, all of them, and found a great way to put creativity to use. The instructors are very patient and encouraging, and make sure that they acknowledge every student’s efforts. I appreciate Yobea’s commitment to provide learners a safe environment to work in, and to keep parents/guardians always updated with what’s happening in class. I look forward to the Intermediate session that will take place later this year.

― Shalaka B. (USA)

About Us

We are Yobea, a nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring STEAM in youth.

Our goal is to spread STEAM to every child, regardless of their current access to resources.