Youth Beacon is dedicated to inspiring the inner scientist in today’s youth. By exposing students to STEAM we prepare them for the age of innovation. The world is like a colossal village, and it is our goal to bring every child in this village together, regardless of their background or access to resources. 

Our Programs

*** All programs are 4 weeks long unless stated otherwise


Beginner Beacons

Your child will embark on a journey through live sessions with us that will teach them logic building, the fundamentals of Scratch programming, and various concepts targeted towards their grade level. These concepts can be anything from animation and creating games to mathematical concepts like fractions and percentages


Intermediate Beacons

Our intermediate group of sessions will is designed for students with prior experience with Scratch programming. After reviewing the fundamentals of Scratch, we will teach students how to write concise code and also help them understand how to create full games under 40 minutes through group coding sessions with their classmates.


Junior Varsity Beacons

Junior Varsity is a selective class for students who have completed our intermediate program. In this group of sessions, we will be finishing up Scratch programming with more advanced concepts such as text-to-speech recognition and other extensions. Alongside this, we will also be doing a crash course in proper coding etiquette and essential presentation skills.

What Parents/Kids Say:

My son received Insight about scratch coding, he believes he has learned more than what they are been taught in the school coding sessions and is ahead of his classmates

― Shreeja M. (India)

Yobea helped me code and now I am so good at it in only in 8 sessions.They showed me blocks I never knew were there like the broadcasting block. The teachers are really nice and they explain really well to make sure we get it.

― Elesh S. (USA)

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My child was not keen to participate in any Scratch-related project until we decided to try Yobea. My child enjoyed the projects assignments, all of them, and found a great way to put creativity to use. The instructors are very patient and encouraging, and make sure that they acknowledge every student’s efforts. I appreciate Yobea’s commitment to provide learners a safe environment to work in, and to keep parents/guardians always updated with what’s happening in class. I look forward to the Intermediate session that will take place later this year.

― Shalaka B. (USA)

About Us

We are Yobea, a nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring STEAM in youth.

Our goal is to spread STEAM to every child, regardless of their current access to resources.