Introducing Scratchers!

The Scratchers program is designed for students who are:

  • Entering third grade and above.
  • Are interested in coding their own games and Scratch programs.
  • Are looking to build their coding mindsets to spark interest and in programming and STEAM.


Have your child take this 10 minute placement test to see which level best suits them!

Beginner Beacons

  • Students will join for live sessions with us that will teach them logic building, the fundamentals of Scratch programming, and various concepts targeted towards their grade level.
  • These concepts can be anything from animation and creating games to mathematical concepts like fractions and percentages.
  • For students who have very little to no programming/coding experience.
  • Open to all age groups (completing 2nd grade)+
  • Concepts covered:
    • Introduction to Scratch programming (motion, looks, sound, control, sensing, variables, operators).
    • Understanding of math concepts and integration into Scratch projects (angles/geometry, addition and division race games, moving on the Cartesian plane/coordinate plane)
    • Projects created include:
      • Beginner 10 Block Program
      • Animate Your Name
      • All About Me Project
      • Story/Quiz Project
      • Addition/Mod block Race Game
      • End of Session Competitive Scratchathon!

Intermediate Beacons

  • Designed for students with prior experience with Scratch programming.
  • After reviewing the fundamentals of Scratch, we will teach students how to write concise code
    • Help them understand how to create full games under 40 minutes through group coding sessions with their classmates.
  • For students who will be in third grade or above (in the Fall of 2021)
  • Projects covered include:
    • Beginner Review Story Game
    • Crossey Road
    • Outer space/Asteroid Dodge Game
    • Scratch For School Projects (Create a Virtual Card/Flashcards)
    • Fast Faces Game
    • Maze Game/Virtual Pet Game

Junior Varsity (Advanced) Beacons

  • Selective class for students who have completed our Intermediate program (students MUST be proficient with Scratch programming).
  • In this group of sessions, we will be finishing up Scratch programming with more advanced concepts and coding practices
  • Concepts covered:
    • Text-to-speech recognition
    • Extensions
    • Proper coding etiquette
    • Essential presentation skills
    • Understanding how and when to debug code
    • Projects Covered:
      • Space Game Debug Project
      • Fast Facts Game Debut Project
      • Make Your Own Smart Speaker (Alexa/Google Home/Siri)!
      • Coding Etiquette and Commenting
      • Drawing Game (Make a Drawing and Coloring Platform)
      • All About Me Interactive Game + Portfolio
      • End of Session Scratchathon!

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