Introducing Yobea Masterminds!

  • This is a program designed for students interested in finding physical applications for STEAM and technology, going beyond software and coding.
  • This is one week-long course for students to find countless and unique outlets for their creativity and science interests.
  • Designed for students completing grades 5+ (entering 6th grade in the fall of 2021).
    • Middle and high school students encouraged!
  • Though encouraged, no previous coding/programming experience required.
  • Concepts covered:
    • Introduction to the BBC Microbit:
      • Programming the Microbit to understand external inputs
        • Using buttons and sensing to display different patterns with an LED matrix.
    • Introduction to circuits
      • Breadboards
      • Parts of a circuit (switches, resistors, batteries/power supplies, motors, conductors & insulators, etc.)
      • Understanding different types of circuits (series vs parallel circuits)
      • CAD (Designing 3D Prints)!
  • Session will conclude with a competition to see which student can best design a 3D print and integrate their circuit board (Microbit) to form a useful/cool product.

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