Yobea Scratchathons

Here’s some information about our Scratchathons!

What are Scratchathons?

Scratchathons are:

  • Hackathon-style competitions
  • Open to all ages and experience levels
  • Centered around a scientific theme
  • Always 50-60 minutes of coding time + a 10-15 minute lesson at the begining of the session
  • Here’s an awesome Scratch project with all this information!

To participate, students must form teams. On the registration form, students may opt to choose their own teams, or allow Yobea to choose teams for them.

If students have been a part of Yobea’s programs in the past, they are likely to be placed in teams with students who match or exceed their skillsets to give everyone the most appropriate and dynamic work environment.

Awards will be announced at the end of the Scratchathon, or on our Facebook page for large events.

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