Here’s what parents and students are saying about us!

“Yobea has got my daughter hooked on to Scratch coding! She was unsure and little tensed before starting but now she absolutely loves it. She wants to learn more create interesting projects. Thank you Yobea! You all are doing a fantastic job.

– 5th grade parent

First of all, my son enjoyed the class. He had so much fun to learn the scratch program at Yobea. Instructors Anika Mohan and Suhana’s instructions were awesome and our kids had a great learning experience in the class. My son learned about blocks which include broadcasting, create new games, motion blocks and events operators blocks. Also learned about creating a variables and also use the variable blocks in developing new game designs. For one word to describe is that this class is fantastic and excellent.”

– 3rd grade parent

I had a wonderful experience learning from Yobea instructors. It was a great introduction to Scratch programming for her. Starting with the basics, I was able to develop games & animations towards the end of the program. I became so interested in this that I started to explore more on my own on topics that were not discussed in class. I also learned about the various blocks and adding sprites & backdrops.

– Sahana K.

“She is very happy with the sessions and got good knowledge on animation. Sessions are so interactive and informative.”

– 2nd grade parent

I am extremely happy and had a great time with Yobea. I learned about geometry, video sensing, Newton’s three Laws, animating letters, details about sprites and much more.

– Tejas S.

“Aniruddh has participated in beginners program. He has learned basics of programming very quickly, thanks to the instructors of Yobea. Very useful for the students.”

– Prasad MK. (6th grade parent)

“It is a fantastic program, my son learned a lot about Scratch. Teachers are very friendly.

– 5th grade parent

“I looked forward to the sessions. I learned various techniques of the basics of Scratch.”

– Agastaya K.

“Great learning experience!”

– Arjun B.

“It is a great opportunity that Yobea provides to the kids! And it’s free! The tutor is very responsible and my son really enjoyed the lesson.”

– 7th grade parent

“Sahana learned how to create a game on Scratch in just a weeks time. The instructors were very helpful and motivating. My daughter is thrilled to take the next session.

– Navi Ghuman

“My child was very happy and excited with the program.”

– Lalit R. (4th grade parent)

“Eshan has an amazing beginner’s session this winter. He would love to continue learning programming for the upcoming spring session.

– Deepa M.

“I had so much fun and learned a lot.”

– Sandhya G.

“I enjoyed the classes and started programming in Scratch, learned about making sprites, giving super powers to them, and changing backdrops.”

– Reyansh S.

Rishan learned how to code in scratch while having fun. He attended beginner session..

– 5th grade parent

My daughter enjoyed learning more about coding and had fun with the group.

– Arya G.

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  1. My son attended beginner session and throughly enjoyed it. My son said, Anika is an amazing instructor and made coding in Scratch more fun. Thank you!

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