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Who We Are

​Yobea is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring the inner scientist in today’s youth. We aim to expose students to different aspects of STEAM (an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics), preparing them for the age of innovation. We believe that the world is a colossal village, and our goal is to bring every child in this village together, regardless of their background or access to resources. 

Behind the Name

 Our philosophy is that every student is a beacon of light, the light brought by learning. From this origin comes the name Yobea: short for Youth Beacon. As the saying goes, “to teach is to touch a life forever.” Yobea’s goal is to touch the lives of our students, so they can help spread the wisdom when their own time comes. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to spread the joy of STEM to everyone, regardless of their current access to resources. ​​​


Yobea Junior Varsity Beacons (India)
Fall 2020
Yobea Beacon Week 2022
Yobea App Inventors (Canada)
Summer 2021
Yobea Winter Scratchathon (US)
Winter 2021

Our Team:

Founder/CEO: Anika Mohan is the founder and CEO of Yobea. In her free time, she enjoys singing, horse riding, doing Taekwondo, and of course, engaging in STEM-related activities. Her past experiences have included winning various science-oriented awards at the Science Olympiad regionals/states and overall performance awards in the Tech Challenge. As a student at Irvington High School, she looks forward to bringing STEAM to the lives of those around her. 

Co-Founder/President: Suhana Shrivastava is the co-founder and President of Yobea. She pursues computer science for its wide-ranging applications in the science and technology fields, and enjoys tech and research-related competitions. She also strongly believes in inclusion in tech fields, and actively advocates for women in STEM through organizations like ProjectCSGIRLS and Girls Who Code. In her free time, she can be found seeking free computer stickers and obsessing over Avatar: The Last Airbender.


Advisor: Tammy Long has been serving as Co-Lead Pastor of South Bay Community Church in Fremont, CA., since 2018, after serving as the Executive Pastor since 2010.  She is an ordained pastor and trained spiritual director. She has a Master’s Degree in Education from Cal State East Bay and Master’s Degree in Christian Formation from North Park Seminary. Tammy is passionate about seeing people connect with God and grow deeper in love with the Trinity, both individually and in community.  Whether through preaching, teaching, spiritual direction, facilitating a small group, or leading a retreat, Tammy’s deepest joy is walking alongside others as they draw closer to the heart of God and experience spiritual transformation. Her joys include reading, movies, traveling, yoga, being in nature, and spending time with her husband, adult children, and grandchildren.

Advisor: Vishal Sinha is the VP of Engineering at Nutanix, an Enterprise Cloud Computing company. Before Nutanix, he led the Enterprise Networking Group at Brocade. Vishal is passionate about technology and its use to solve medical problems. He also advises early-stage startups. Vishal received his MBA from UC Berkeley, MS from the University of Minnesota, and B. Tech in Computer Engineering from the Delhi College of Engineering. In his spare time, Vishal enjoys mentoring students and spending time with his family and friends.

Chapter Leads:

Yobea x Texas Lead: Rachit Kakkar

Hello, I’m Rachit Kakkar! I’m a high-school student who loves programming in my free time, especially projects related to 3D graphics and the web. I am also passionate about history, reading, investing, and video production. I am involved in technology at my school, being a part of the Cyberpatriot, Robotics, and Computer Science clubs. In the future, I hope to learn more about AI in machine learning.

Yobea x Chadbourne Elementary Lead: Sahana Karthik

Hi, I am Sahana Karthik and I am very passionate about technology and its applications in day-to-day activities! I have done numerous scratch projects, mobile apps, and Python programs over the last 2 years.  Programming is now my way of life!  Apart from coding, I also enjoy hiking, singing, dancing, and playing the violin!  

Yobea x Schoolhouse.world Mentor: Kaleigh Lee

Born in California, Kaleigh Lee finds the dynamics of technologies and their capabilities of action or change enthralling.  Kaleigh is constantly looking for ways to help people by sharing her knowledge.  She is currently volunteering at the school orchestra by mentoring elementary school children and working as a staff writer for the school editorial.  In her leisure time, she likes to follow her parents to travel around the world.  Her current passions are digital art and Muay Thai boxing.

Yobea x Schoolhouse.world Mentor: Nitika Chakkirala

Hi, my name is Nitika, and I’m a seventh grader at Hopkins Junior High. I mainly work with Python and Java but I also love doing Scratch. I have created games such as personality quizzes and unscramble the word with Python and Java, and I have made a game remix and interactions between different characters with Scratch. Some of my other hobbies include reading and writing, arts and crafts, singing, and watching tv. I am also very good at math, having won many top prizes in national competitions ever since I was in second and third grade. I have even published a children’s fantasy book and enjoy writing short stories in my free time.

Yobea x Schoolhouse.world Mentor: Stuti Pemmaraju

Stuti Pemmaraju, a middle schooler at Hopkins Junior High School, has a profound passion for computer science. She enjoys student council and STEM-related leadership activities and loves helping others as well. She also does writing and has her own blog filled with articles and poems about her opinions on things. Stuti loves playing violin and is at a youth symphony, volunteers for an elementary orchestra, and also pursues Carnatic (South Indian Classical) Music.


Our ambassador program is an invitation-only program for our top five percent of students to have the opportunity to see what running nonprofit looks like. We help them hone their skill sets and have opportunities to help with behind-the-scenes work (such as curriculum and game development) to higher-level work like interacting with our students and starting their own chapters when their time comes.

Intern: Vihaan Mathur

Hi! I’m Vihaan Mathur. I like coding and have participated in various Yobea workshops over the past year. I enjoyed every one of them! Some of my favorite things to do are Taekwondo, watching funny/informative YouTube videos, playing ball with my dog, exploring tide pools, and hanging out with my friends!

Intern: Rohan Chittum

Hi, I am Rohan, and I very much like to code! I have experience with scratch for 2 years and have developed many games and other animations using Scratch, and now I have started learning Python. My favorite activities are playing chess, piano, soccer, and tennis.

Social Media Ambassador: Arya Ghadge

Hi, my name’s Arya and I’m a 5th grader at Blossom Hill Elementary.  I’m 10 years old, and I want to become an animator when I’m older.  Some of my hobbies include drawing, reading, and playing video games!

Social Media Ambassador: Elina Sahoo:

Hello! I’m Elina Sahoo, an 8th grader with a love for STEAM. I enjoy reading, writing fictional stories, drawing, and doing other craft projects in my free time. Outside of school, I play tennis, enjoy swimming, dancing, and working towards my third-degree black belt in Taekwondo. I am a proud member of my school dance team. Some of my achievements include winning the Destination Imagination (DI) national competition and making it to the Global competition, winning awards in various Robotics competitions, as well as in art, essay, and speech competitions.

Blog/Curriculum Ambassador: Elesh Sahoo:

Hello, I am Elesh. I am a fourth-grader at Rocklin Elementary school. I enjoy playing piano, reading, swimming, Taekwondo, playing chess, doing science experiments, and building legos in my spare time. I love doing art, have won many awards in various art competitions, and have enjoyed participating in and exploring the Destination Imagination(DI) competition. As I was interested in coding and STEAM, I joined Yobea when it was first formed. I have learned so much since then while having lots of fun.

Want to Join the Team?

We’d love to have you!

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