Making Your Own Sprite

In this post, you will be learning how to make your own sprite by understanding all the features Scratch provides. 

There are two main ways we’re going to be showing you how to make a sprite:

1. Customizing a sprite from the Scratch library

Let’s say you uploaded these shorts (below) but they were yellow colored, and you wanted green colored shorts. To fix that problem, instead of having to get an entirely new sprite, you can use the fill tool to change the color of specific sections of the sprite. For example, the belt of the shorts is dark green while the pockets are slightly lighter, and the main fabric of the shorts is the lightest. In addition to changing the color of the sprite you upload, you can also add shapes, drawings, and text to it. But now let’s talk about how to make your own sprite.

2. Making your own sprite:

In this example, we make our own smiley face sprite (picture below). You can any sprite of your own using the tools that we did. Use the top two arrows to select and move around parts of your sprite. We drew our main blue circle with the circle shape. Then, we used the fill tool to color the face blue. After this, we used the circle shape again to make the eyes. Once again, we used the fill tool to make the eyes black and white. As you can see, these are two of our favorite tools. Lastly, we used the brush to draw the small smile. Remember, it’s your game and your story; there is no wrong way to make it!

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